Master Plan

Cardinal Cushing Centers: Village Master PlanBridge to the Future image

Cardinal Cushing Centers’ Village Master Plan will enable us to build a solid foundation for our community for generations to come. (Download Executive Summary)

We are about to embark on the groundwork for a unique approach to serving those with developmental challenges—as we seek to transform our Hanover and Braintree campuses into an intergenerational village where people of all ages and abilities can engage with one another and the neighboring communities, in a safe and supportive setting.

From our founding in 1947 by the Sisters of St Francis of Assisi and Richard Cardinal Cushing, the Cardinal Cushing Centers has been at the forefront of serving those with special needs. As society’s understanding of the unique capabilities of these individuals has expanded over the decades, Cardinal Cushing Centers has led the way. We started schools, added vocational training, developed adult residential, social, and employment programs.  In addition, we’ve sought to actively engage parents, siblings, agencies, professionals, and the extended community in order to enhance educational and independent living opportunities for all.


Click here to download “Cardinal Cushing Centers: A Look at the Future” presentation.

The Master Plan will assist our efforts to make a thoughtful investment in comprehensive planning, upgraded facilities, and staff professional development at the Cushing Centers. Combined with our experience, dedication, and understanding of those with developmental challenges, this initiative will help us create a vibrantly engaging community that offers state-of-the-art services to this population, while providing a sustainable and enriching environment where people of all ages will experience enhanced positive interactions and success.

For more information, please contact Jansi Chandler, Vice President of Development, 781-829-4611, .